Saint-Just church

The Saint Just church was built between XIV and XV centuries with stones from old Saint-Hilaire quarries. 

Its mighty steeple, is coverd with varnish tiles, arnate of " the tumular horns" to each of his angles, attracts the stance of the walker. At the foot of the building, a feeling of force confirm the majesty of the monument. The remarkable roof of lava contributes to this impression. By the way, when you are entering in the church we understand better what Claude Courtépée said at the end of the XVIII century in his description of the duchy of Burbundy. " the nave of the church is great and well built". The oldest mention of a church in this place was 1180: " ecclesia de fontania". 

Romanesque cistercian style, the chruch whose the bottom of the choir, is at that time straight, is protected by bulwalks. Some Fontenois seniors still call this quarter: " the castle". Partially destroyed by the big companies just after the treaty of Brétigny in 1360, The church is progressively rebuilt under a gothic style until the biginning of XV century. The last modification is supervised by the architect Zolla in 1827 by enlarging the choir in neogothic apse.

The steeple of the church shelter 3 bells whose the oldest dating from 1515 is classified as a historical monument. A statue of  polychrome wood of XVIII century is registered for historical monuments. Guillaume Bonnet, Jean Baptiste Ravet, Antoine Chausse, François Protheau signed, in the XIX century, altars, baptismal and sculptures. The oldest stained-glass windows date from 1863 and are attributed at Gaspard Ponset from the Hippolyte Flandrin school.

But the church still reserve surprised. So, the degradation of the coat at the choir reveal paintings dating of XVII century. By the way, excavations by INRAP in the context of the general restoration of the building, have allowed to discover some burial of medieval times and a merovingian sarcophagus of VI or VII century, witch makes even older the funeral use of this place.