François PROTHEAU Sculptor 1823-1865

Statuary sculptor, born and dead in Fontaines (1823-1865)

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François Protheau was born July 30, 1823 at 4pm in Fontaines. He is the son of Charles Protheau, grower and of Nicole Rougeot. His older brother is stonemason. 

Very modest family, he is going to sculpture school in 1845. Admitted to the school of "beaux arts" in 1849, student of Bonnassieux, Grand Prix of Rome, He is declared out of the contest the next year.

During 5 years he is encouraged by the General Council of Saône et Loire ( receives 500 francs). In 1856, for to say thank you, he donated a little statue to the General council by honorable mention at the univeral exposition. The same year he realises in Saint Just church 4 statues who adorn the lateral altars sculpted by Antoine Chauche. ( Notre Dame, Saint Just, Saint Nicolas, Saint Hilaire statues). He regularly exhibits and sculpted to the requeset of the Empress Eugénie and Napoléon III.

Here principal works:

1852 Moissonneuse (Harvester, little statue in plaster) 

1855 Andromaque pleurant sur le sort de son fils (Andromaque crying over his son's fate, Denon Museum Chalon sur Saône, height 142 cm) 

1857 La vierge (The Virgin, little statue in marble: civil list from Napoléon III in the asylum Mathilde at Neuilly with two stoups

1857 Nourrice Indienne (Indian nurce, statue in marble)

1859 L'automne ( Autumn, statue in marble)

1859 L'Oracle des Champs (Oracle of the fields, little statue in marble)

1859 La Récolte ( The harvest, low relief in plaster. Model of a low relief intended for a halle to the winnings ordered by the city of Chalon sur Saône: low relief 45 cm Denon Museum)

1861 Fleur de jeunesse (Flower of youth,statue in marble)